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How We Grow

Christian Formation is an ever-changing, lifelong journey with Christ. It is an adventure with our Lord at different times and from different levels and experiences throughout our lives. Christian formation is not confined to any definitive period of time; it truly begins when we begin our lives and remains with us until our final days here on earth. We, as Christians, are formed throughout each and every day, not only on a Sunday morning but through our daily lives.

Who first taught you about God?  Great teachers form our faith.  Bring your energies and optimism – great joy and works will follow. Christian formation is the continual lifelong process of deepening one’s understanding of his or her faith.  Christian education is a large part of this formation process.

We offer Christian Education for all ages 9:15 – 10:00 a.m. each Sunday morning during the school year.  We also offer additional formation opportunities through our prayer group, youth group gatherings, monthly fellowship group meetings and seasonal or special programs, such as our Advent and Lenten Programs.